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An Air Attunement! I’m on radio!

I recently took part in a Guild Meeting interview with Tasha Darke of SI Radio and Relics of Orr. Here’s the audio for you take a listen to if you missed the live broadcast. I won’t go all self-conscious and list how much I got mucking fuddled, no matter if I want to!


Guild Meeting Interview


Many thanks to Tasha and SI Radio!

– Cornish

P.S. The Massively Overpowered livestreams are on hiatus until September; Rubi’s got a lot on this summer.


MVOP Night and the Dervish Update

Massively Overpowered!

Last night, MVOP met in the Consulate Docks to begin the run through the Nightfall Campaign. I stayed behind to check out the new Dervish update, but I did join the livestream group for the vanquish of Melandru’s Hope. Discussion covered the Dervish skill update, PAX, and of course there was Guild Wars 2 speculation. You can check out the recorded session here, and tune in to the next MVOP Night over at the Massively channel.

In other news, ArenaNet changed up Guild Wars yesterday with the new update for the Dervish, so I’ll give my initial impressions.

Firstly, the Dervish is now much less of a tank than it used to be. Well, I find it harder to use as a tank, anyway. A few of the skills that I had on my old skill bar changed too much for me to want to use them, and others won’t function as I’d like with the new enchantment remvoval skills. At first I thought this was a bad thing, but after changing up my skill bar, equipment, secondary profession, and attributes, I’ve discovered how versatile the new Dervish can be.

"I now juggle conditions like I juggle geese!" - Kronox Gaia, Feb. 2011.

The Dervish is much more of a support profession than before, with more party heals and condition placement abilities available to them. Energy management is better, with the introduction of adrenaline use on certain scythe skills, and the revamp of mysticism. I’m also glad they increased the attack speed of the scythe to get adrenaline notches quicker. These are all great improvements.

As for skills, I’ve always steered clear of the Avatar skills before, but after the update they seem incredibly useful. These elites can now be used for a multitude of beneficial purposes, be it team support, self defense, inflicting conditions, stealing health or energy. The number of different skill bars that have yet to be created with these changes is exciting, and I’ll share with you a new build that I’ve just started using:

Profession: Dervish/Mesmer.

Attributes: 13 Scythe Mastery, 11 Earth Prayers, 8 Mysticism, 10 Illusion Magic. Also, I’m currently running with 440 health and 30 energy.

Type of build: Condition spamming and Area of Effect damage.


1: Avatar of Balthazar – Elite skill. Use for increased physical armour, faster adrenaline build-up, and applying burning when enchantments are stripped.

2: Fragility – AoE damage when enemies gain/lose conditions.

3: a) Crippling Sweep – Use to apply crippled condition.

b) Zealous Sweep – Useful for energy/adrenaline management.

4: Staggering Force – First flash enchantment. Strip off with skill 5/8 for cracked armour condition.

5: Wearying Strike – Strip off flash enchantment, applies deep wound.

6: Reap Impurities – Strip off enemy condition, damages adjacent enemies.

7: Heart of Holy Flame – Second flash enchantment. Strip off with skill 5/8 for burning condition.

8: Signet of Pious Light – Self heal, use to strip off flash enchantment.

As you can see, this build is based around the application and removal of both conditions and flash enchantments. It’s important to maintain the Avatar and have Fragility active on at least one enemy at all times. With each application of a condition, enemies hexed with Fragility (and enemies adjacent to them) take 15 damage, and once again when a condition ends/is removed. Because of the almost constant application and removal of conditions, most enemies will go down pretty quickly. This skill bar also causes more burning than my Elementalist’s!

I’m loving this build, but I’ll likely tweak it if I find any bosses/foes that counter it. I’d also love to try it with an E/Me hero/guildie with Teinai’s Crystals and Hypochondria. >:D

Here’s the build code (that’s minus rune attributes, of course) – OgWkEop6ayej7dC8f1uBYn74V/C

Have fun with it!


Doors Close on Shiro and Human Week

To begin, I’ll apologise for not writing an MVOP Night blogpost yesterday. My evening was spent (in other words, wasted) watching the Machinema Minecraft livestream, featuring Notch, the creator of Minecraft. The less spoken about that boring experience, the better.

Getting back to Guild Wars, on Thursday, Massively Overpowered blasted its way through the last couple of missions of the Factions campaign, aswell as adding a little variety at the start of the livestream with a vanquish of Witman’s Folly.  With Shiro bested, MVOP can now move on to Elona and begin the march towards Abaddon, and the ganked ascension of Kormir. You can watch the livestream here next Thursday.

Can we expect parlor games in the Throne Room, perhaps?

ArenaNet finished up Human Week yesterday with an intriguing post on the three human military forces of Kryta: the Seraph, the Ministry Guard and the Shining Blade. This post builds upon what we learnt about the Seraph and Shining Bade in ‘Ghosts of Ascalon’ and ‘Edge of Destiny’, and includes a little passage of prose that may find its way into either a third book or the plot of Guild Wars 2. The post introduces two new characters, Lieutenant Serentine and Minister Caudecus, affiliated with the Ministry Guard. The previously mentioned backlash against the Queen is hinted at in the exchanges between Serentine and Caudecus, and it’ll be interesting to see how this plot will play out in Guild Wars 2.

The post delves into Krytan law, some of which we saw in ‘Ghosts of Asclalon’ during Dougal’s interrogation. It appears the Ministry Guard prefer to deal with upper class crimes, leaving the Seraph to sweep up foreign and lower class disputes. The ministers, and even the Ministry Guard themselves, also seem to be kicking up a little political unrest, as was touched upon by Queen Jennah in ‘Edge of Destiny’. These elements may play a part in the personal story of human characters in Guild Wars 2, and would be interesting to follow, especially if we could pick a side ourselves.

The Shining Blade seem to have risen from their lowly state in Guild Wars 1, and are now the personal protectors of the Queen. It’s strange that they aren’t widely recognised by the public, even after their involvement in the fall of the White Mantle. I suppose they must have faded away from public interest over the decades, and the Seraph have instead flourished in their place. It’ll be great to see the new uniforms in-game, and compare them to the Robin Hood-esque designs of those in the first Guild Wars.

Is Brave Sir Robin a member?

With human week finished, I think I’ll read up on the new Dervish update preview and give my thoughts in a later blogpost. I already like the idea of “flashing” enemies with new enchantments. Dirty Dervishes, eh?

– CornishRocker

MVOP Night: Canthan New Year!

Massively Overpowered!

Last night, Massively Overpowered took a little break from the routine of mission progress, and started the livestream in Shing Jea Monastery for Canthan New Year. We didn’t hesitate in joining other revellers in the Dragon Nest minigame, at which certain members did brilliantly well, and others (i.e. me) performed terribly. I’ll agree I was a little rusty, what with not attending Canthan New Year since 2007. Anyway, after winning a few prizes, our small groups split up to take on a few CNY quests. We traversed Shing Jea Island gathering ingredients for fireworks, aswell as aiding Hapless Chong in finding his destiny.

Topics of discussion ranged from past Canthan New Years to the taste of Mountain Dew, more Guild Wars 2 speculation and even suggestions for a contest to tie in with our final Factions mission against Shiro. It seems viewers have also begun to pick up on my distinctly English accent amidst all those American varieties. Maybe I could use a little of my Geordie, or native South Western, dialect to keep the ventrilo lot on their toes!

Are you feelin' lucky?! Try out the Nine Rings on Canthan New Year!

After grabbing some festival rewards at Shing Jea, we then headed for our next mission: Unwaking Waters. This mission is one of my favourites in Factions, with the afflicted charging forward on foot and Kuunavang blasting players from afar.

Unfortunately, the recorded Livestream doesn’t seem to have been added to Massively TV, yet – but I’ll keep an eye on the channel. I bet Rubi’s been busy with Massively’s news, and preparing for the roundtable discussion with both Guildcast and Relics of Orr. Can’t wait for another joint podcast!

Edit: Oops! I overanticipated the roundtable episode of Guildcast this month; Relics didn’t participate, this time. I feel a little foolish for not realising this sooner. Listening to it right now at Guildcast.

Hope to see you next week at the Massively Livestream!


MVOP Night: Echovald Guardians!

Massively Overpowered!

What a great evening we had! After all our group members accumulated 10000 Kurzick faction points, we were ready to take on the Luxons and afflicted at the Eternal Grove. After meeting in House zu Heltzer, organising the groups and sorting out skill bars, we began the livestream. Moving through Drazach Thicket, we reached Saint Anjeka’s Shrine and then moved on to the main mission. Having experienced players with you for co-operative missions is fantastic, and it helps to have ventrilo/mumble, too!

Topics of discussion were, of course, mostly about the Guardian profession of Guild Wars 2, revealed yesterday on the official website. I reckon we’ll see a few Asuran Guardians in Guild Wars 2, actually, what with that wonderful specimen shown on the Guardian page. That new wallpaper is pretty cool, too.  Chat also turned to Guild Wars 2 Guru’s IRC chat with the ArenaNet staff (which I missed, instead watching Giant Bomb’s Thursday Night Throwdown – I highly recommend you check these out), and speculation covered underwater combat, Winds of Change, and the next profession reveal – I’m betting on the assassin revamp.


I swear to be more than just a mule in Guild Wars 2: Assassin's Promise.

Also, I agree, Rubi’s sound of disgust on the last GuildCast was priceless! I’ll have to send in a lot more emails to get that kind of reaction again, I’m sure!

Hmm, puréed Orrian undead, that must be the Guild Wars version of water pollution.

See you next week on the Massively Livestream!


MVOP Night: Invincible Shiro and Echovald Excursions

Massively Overpowered!

On Thursday 20th January, [MVOP] met up in Sunjiang District to take on Shiro Tagachi with the Spear of Archemorus and the Urn of Saint Victor. You can watch the recorded livestream here. It was the first mission I played on my new laptop, aswell, so I was really looking forward to this particular evening. Of course, with a new laptop come all of those annoying, undownloaded files to tackle. Must have been all that lustrous armour that everyone was wearing!

I’ve never played Guild Wars without lag before, so it was amazingly refreshing to cast Firestorm without “pulling an Orion”. Celebratory, post battle Firestorms FTL! It wasn’t all great, though; as we blasted our way through all those enemies, what with my new graphics card, I got my first view of a highly detailed Afflicted Ritualist. Eurgh.

Excuse me, sir! Do you know where I can find a Mr. Tagachi?

We made it out of Sunjiang with masters (and I’d expect no less, of course!), and were met by a group from the livestream. We hung out with these guys for a while in Maatu Keep and House zu Heltzer. Before we moved on to Ferndale, Rubi was given a plentiful bounty of gifts from the livestream group, including a Celestial Ox summon and an Essence of Celerity for the party to use! – Thanks, you guys!

As a Guild on the move, we’re now stuck until we’ve accumulated 10000 Kurzick Faction each. Personally, I like farming it at the Jade Quarry, but PvP isn’t for everyone. When we’ve all got the 10k faction, we’ll be able to move on to The Eternal Grove, which is one of the two missions I need for the Protector title on my Canthan Elementalist, so it’ll be cool to do it with the Guild. I’d better speak up on vent more often for that one, I’m sure.

Ready for some faction grinding?

As for the topics of conversation on vent, I’m very excited about Canthan New Year. I’ve only ever attended the Year of the Pig, so it’ll be good to go back to it after four years. I miss those sugary blue drinks! I’d also love to attend a real life Guild Wars event this year, such as visiting the PAX or Gamescom booths. In fact, I thought Rubi’s PAX anecdote was sweet; I’m sure we’ve all made a mess of things in melee at one point or another. In fact, I do it all the time with my Dervish 😛

Well, I hope you all tune in next week at the Massively livestream!

— as a side note, I’d like to thank Relics of Orr for adding the blog to their fan listing. Keep rockin’, dudes!

– CornishRocker

MVOP Night: Spearing Fried Calamari!



Massively Overpowered!

Last night Massively Overpowered moved on from the Echovald Forest and off towards the Jade Sea, the territory of the Luxon faction of Cantha. After splitting into two groups, we waited for a while to get ready to go. Unfortunately for group 1, both the vent server and the massively livestream weren’t operating properly. Luckily, however, replacements were found and group 1 got to record their mission. You can watch them on Necromas’s justin.tv channel.


Get out the frying pan: Zhu Hanuku

As for group 2, we also set out from Altrumm Ruins to the Boreas Seabed. There, we fought the Luxon champions to gain access to the Spear of Archemorus, a mighty artifact to use in the fight against Shiro Tagachi. After a swift victory, we took the spear into the Jade Sea to draw out Zhu Hanuku, the giant, floating squid of The Deep. With fire raining and swords slashing, we defeated the magical crustacean and obtained the spear for the battle with Tagachi.

After regrouping in Maatu Keep, I decided to bow out before the group went on to the Sunjiang District mission. That’s the problem with living in England; by the time we started the first mission, it was almost 3am! Maybe I should get some sleep after getting home from work, before starting the mission.

Next week I should have a new mic. Then I’ll be fully eligible to join the livestreaming group. I don’t think they have many English guys in the Guild, so it could be a first to hear those “sultry tones” of the Brits on the livestream. I could be the Smiffy of MVOP.

– CornishRocker

MVOP Night – Storming the Temple

Well, the MVOP mission was fun last night, despite the lag I was suffering. Our two groups set out to free the trapped Canthan spirits from Shiro’s rituals in Tahnnakai Temple, and in style might I add. After freeing Vizu from her bonds, and watching those infamous Factions cutscenes, we lined up for our fashion show. I’m glad my top hat went down well.

After I called it a night, the groups made their way for House zu Heltzer via the Arborstone mission.

Here’s the video of the livestream for your viewing pleasure.

P.S. As for the Sylvari design speculation I mentioned in chat – I would love for the Nightmare Court to resemble the Wardens from the Echovald Forest. I always liked the Warden designs, and maybe the leader could draw some influences from Urgoz.

Hmm, maybe they could be drinking buddies.

– CornishRocker