I used to have a list of blogs and news sites I frequent, but it was getting too large to display in this format. Instead, I implore you to take a look at this brilliant list of blogs and editorials compiled by Will, of Distilled Willpower, over on Guild Wars 2 Guru:

Blogs, editorial and news


GuildCast – hosted by’s Shawn Schuster and Rubi Bayer.

Relics of Orr – hosted by Cyan Studio’s Ryan Singleton and the RO krewe.

GuildMag Podcast – hosted by Sabre Wolf, Malchior Devenholm and the GuildMag krewe.

Useful tools:

Guild Wars Wiki

Guild Wars Wikia

PvX Wikia – for “Build Wars”.

GwEstimator – a useful tool for real time price checking in Kamadan.


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