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Lazy Writer!

Exclamatory statement announcing return!

Ok, I’ve been a completely inconsistent blogger as of late, and my drive for writing has been slack over the past few months. I have nothing to blame for this other than my utter lack of imagination or curiosity regarding Guild Wars 2 news and updates.

But, why is this? With all the amazing, insightful blog posts from ArenaNet and the seeming unending speculation/information on Guild Wars Guru/Twitter, how could I be turned off from Guild Wars 2 news?

I suppose it’s down to how passive my excitement for the game has become. I got onboard, joined the discussions and debates, and then put it all on the back-burner. Yet, I feel I should have continued to generate my own content, with this blog, instead of withdrawing back into my old habit of lurking on forums and blogs. That’s why I originally decided to create this space on the web; to bring myself out of the depths of forum dwelling and contribute to the community.

I must thank the other members of the community who’ve continued to post content and kept me interested in all things Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet. So, to the contributors and frequenters of Relics of Orr, Massively, [MVOP], GuildMag, Talk Tyria and GuildFans, and to my fellow bloggers: Ta very much! Give yourselves a good clap on the back.

More on the way, duders.

– Cornish


Watch your tongue, little mouse.

I’ll be completely honest with you here, the Charr are my least favourite race of Guild Wars 2.

For the time being they are, that is – and opinion can be changed.

I certainly enjoyed the characters of Rytlock in Edge of Destiny and Pyre in Guild Wars, but currently, I prefer the other races to these cat-people. I realise that the Charr are among the more bombastic races of Guild Wars, yet my interest in them is not as high in regards to personal story (as a fan of RPGs, that’s part of Guild Wars 2 I’m really looking forward to) and society as the other races. Also, they’re responsible for destroying pre-searing Ascalon, and the blackened area that remains isn’t particularly the place I’d want to have my home instance, assuming the Black Citadel is where the Charr variant appears. The Grove, Rata Sum and Divinity’s Reach (and Lion’s Arch, naturally) are much more likely to become my cherished homes over the next few years.

Lots of gears... of war. Prepare for many chest-high walls in the Black Citadel.

Despite this, I don’t feel completely non-invested in the Charr. In fact, I’d love to see ArenaNet turn me around and make them the race I most want to play. They did it with the Norn, so they may certainly accomplish this with the Charr, aswell. Next week will play a part in this, I feel.

I’ve been looking forward to the Charr week from ArenaNet (almost as much as the Sylvari) for a while now. With said week starting tomorrow, I look forward to seeing much more detail on Charr personal story motivations, the Black Citadel, and especially some lore on the Charr homelands. As with the other races we’ve seen, the Charr will likely have some form of separatist faction within their ranks, such as the Sons of Svanir in Norn society. For the Charr, this will  likely be represented by the Flame Legion, and it’ll be intriguing to further see what role they’ll play in both the lore and gameplay of Guild Wars 2.

Prepare your balls of yarn, Ascalonians, the Charr legions await.

– Cornish

Community Event: Pi[e] Day!

Today is Shrove Tuesday in the United Kingdom, also known as pancake day. Such sweet delights await me this evening, and that got me thinking of the community event organised by Relics of Orr: Pi[e] Day!

This community event will take place on Sunday the 13th March at 8-10pm GMT (that’s 4-6pm EST) in the Rata Sum International Districts. The event will be covered on Split Infinity Radio by Relics’ own Tasha Darke, and Guild Wars 2 Live will be hosting a livestream.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

[08:00pm GMT] [04:00pm EDT] Commencement Ceremony, Tasha On-Air
[08:15pm GMT] [04:15pm EDT] Pi[e] Trivia Begins
[08:30pm GMT] [04:30pm EDT] Pie Raffle #1
[08:45pm GMT] [04:45pm EDT] Scavenger Hunt Begins (Item List Revealed)
[09:15pm GMT] [05:15pm EDT] Scavenger Hunt Ends
[09:20pm GMT] [05:20pm EDT] Pie Raffle #2
[09:30pm GMT] [05:30pm EDT] More Pi[e] Trivia
[09:45pm GMT] [05:45pm EDT] Forum Contest Winners Announced
[09:59pm GMT] [05:59pm EDT] Pi[e] Trivia Ends
[10:00pm GMT] [06:00pm EDT] Event Closing Announcement


If you’ve not been following the Relics forums lately, be sure to drop by this week and submit your own pie/pi trivia to be eligible for the raffle contest, here (Rules on the Pi[e] day forum page, here) Remember, all submissions must be made by March 12th.

To all those participating: Good luck, have Batman!

– Cornish

Happy Canthan New Year!


To all Canthans out there, Hishiro Kutzima wishes you good fortune for the year of the rabbit!

As a little proposal, does anyone want to go on a celebratory Factions vanquish? Maybe do a few hard mode missions? If so, then either leave a comment, message me in-game, or send me a tweet/email saying where you want to go and I’ll happily join you.

Aside from that, over this weekend we’ll be busy gathering lunar tokens, ingredients for the Celestial Rabbit’s meal and participating in yet another Boardwalk. Can you smell that seige turtle soup? How about the smoky remains of fireworks and sparklers? I’m getting excited already!

I also hear that Guild Wars Guru has a poetry competition lined up this year.

See you at Shing Jea Monastery with the GWOnline Alliance!

– CornishRocker

Fresh from the Charr printing press!

My copy of ‘Ghosts of Ascalon’ has just arrived!

I’d like to take my time over this read, but I’ve also got ‘Edge of Destiny’ on the way too. Oh, and Steven Fry’s new autobiography. The Guns N’ Roses visual documentary is also waiting on my bedroom floor, aswell.

What a variety of literature I’m getting into at the moment.

Anyway, I’ll bury myself into GoA for the next couple of hours before I prepare for the Massively Overpowered mission tonight – well, this morning; 2am is pretty late to be taking on Shiro’s minions, no?

– CornishRocker

Blog? Is that some kind of Asuran name?

It seems that I have finally been drawn into the world of blogging. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about at first, be it novel reviews or how much I agree with BBC Radio Four’s intellectual monologues on exports of tea and whatnot. However, I have within recent months rediscovered a coveted gem of a hobby that I have visited on and off for the past four years. That hobby is the video game Guild Wars.

I was first introduced to Guild Wars by a friend in 2006, and I must say I was completely taken in by it. I have always enjoyed a good story, and the plot was as thoroughly engrossing as any of the fantasy novels I’ve consumed over the years. Yet, with study periods building with each progressive year, I found less and less time for playing Guild Wars. Eventually, I left my guild, stopped listening to Guildcast and let the multitudes of undownloaded files pile up when I left the game in 2008.

Occasionally logging in for the odd festival or two over the last couple of years, I started to notice a change to the Guild Wars community. Late last year, a huge swarm of gossip was circulating All Chat in the Eye of the North about Guild Wars 2. It was October 2010, and the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator was flavour of the month. Of course, I decided to take a look at the Arenanet website. For the first time in 2 years, the excitement that drove me through Cantha, Elona and GW:EN reignited as I read the news on Guild Wars 2. I will not leaving the first game again any time soon.

That same excitement has also led me to begin this blog. I don’t know, yet, where it will lead, but I at least have a medium to discuss Guild Wars away from the forums.

– CornishRocker