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PAX Footage

Right, here’re the videos I captured while at the Penny Arcade Expo in August. I’ve got some Black Citadel exploration, Norn elementalist gameplay, and Asura guardian footage captured during Neo Nugget’s tomfoolery with his Asura guardian and a few of the ArenaNet developers. I may include my PvP footage at a later date, but at present the file is corrupted, and I’m not sure if I can salvage it.



Apologies for the screen glare in these two. Guild Wars 2 Live has some more footage here if you’re interested in exploration of the Black Citadel.



Look who I found! Pyre Fierceshot confirmed!


Unfortunately, the battery on my camera died before I made my way up to the Imperator’s residence. I did manage to get a snapshot of one Pyre Fierceshot outside the throne room, however. There are several of these statues surrounding the throne room.





London Calling

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks I’ve had!

After arriving back in the UK, my University gave me the nasty shock of not confirming the course modules I applied for in August, along with my student finance and accommodation. I can tell you that the jet lag was completely knocked out the park after that particular email. Thankfully, after a week or so of correspondence, everything’s sorted and I can say I will definitely be moving to Essex at the end of the month. /whew

Before I make that jump, however, I’m taking one last chance to immerse myself in the world of gaming and geekdom by attending the Eurogamer Expo in London next week. This time around, I intend to take more time playing games, too; those ArenaNet panels at PAX were amazing and insightful, but queuing for them took up a lot of time. Also, much appreciation to the organisers of Eurogamer, the timing is fantastic. It’s not every year that you get to attend a convention on your birthday!

In regards to my time in Seattle, I’ve taken the decision to hold on to most of my footage and pictures of PAX over the last few weeks. Instead of uploading them gradually since my return to the UK, as I rightfully should have done, I’ll instead be posting content from both conventions once I’m back from Eurogamer. That way, I can pool all the footage I’ve taken into one, big, convenient blog post of embedded video clips. Of course a more personal account of my time in the US and London will follow.

Look for more posts from me this week, I have a lot to catch up on. I hear GuildMag is accepting submissions for another blog carnival. Think I’d better get started on that!

– Cornish