“I Move Like a Dwarf!” is a discussion blog about Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and the community that surrounds them.

Greetings, bookah! The author of this blog is known as Cornish, also known in game as Kronox Gaia [MVOP] or Kernowick Devilhand [RO]. He’s one of those English bookahs with a love for writing. He also has a love of Guild Wars, and so, these two interests culminate with the blog you’re reading now. Cornish is a guild member of Massively Overpowered and Relics of Orr, and ocassionally blogs about their antics in Guild Wars 1. Of course, he will continue to do so in Guild Wars 2. Along with his fiery partner, Blogg, the Flaming Asura, – that’s me – Cornish eagerly awaits the release of the sophomore game.

He's ready to fight some Orrian undead, too!

If you want to contact the author, you can reach him via

Email: cornishrocker@hotmail.co.uk

Twitter: @CornishRocker

Steam: CornishRocker

or in Guild Wars as: Kronox Gaia / Kernowick Devilhand


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