Returning to the Dervish

It’s been almost four months now since the Dervish update implementation in Guild Wars. Having looked back over the (short) history of my blog, I’ve happened to notice that my original Dervish update post is one of the most popular pages I’ve made, be that through searches on google or browsing on the blog. Having played around with the Dervish a little more since February, I’ve made other builds I find fun and/or useful, so I thought I’d share them with anyone interested.

This time, I’ll show you what I’m currently using as a PvE anti-melee/physical tanking setup. This build is most useful against small-medium size mobs of Warriors, Rangers, Assassins, Dervishes and Paragons when solo farming or in a small group. Please note: this isn’t a high damage output build, it is used to tank physical damaging mobs.

Profession: Dervish/Elementalist

Template Code: OgakkYp46yqU21zl4G7l7VcppQPI

Attributes: 6 Earth Magic, 11 Scythe Mastery, 13 Earth Prayers, 12 Mysticism

Equipment I use:

Complete maximum armour set of:

Survivor Hood of Major Earth Prayers + 1 Mysticism (stacking)

Radiant Robes of Attunement

Windwalker Vambraces of Superior Scythe Mastery

Survivor Leggings of Superior Vigor

Windwalker Shoes of Minor Mysticism

Droknar’s Scythe (alternatives are available)


1.    Dust Cloak – applies blindness condition on tear down. Can be used to re-cast Kinetic Armour.

2.   Twin Moon Sweep – tears down Dust Cloak, damages and gives a healing bonus. (sometimes I switch this for Rending Sweep if I need more damage output/enchantment removal)

3.   Heart of Fury – increases attack speed and adrenaline gain.

4.   Mystic Regeneration – maintaining your enchantments will provide +8 health regeneration. Can be used to re-cast Kinetic Armour.

5.   Avatar of Balthazar – increases physical armour, adrenaline gain and sets adjacent foes on fire when tearing down Dust Cloak.

6.   Mental Block – provides 50% chance to block attacks, auto-renewal when you’re hit. Can be used to re-cast Kinetic Armour.

7.   Kinetic Armour – provides +44 armour, auto-renewal when you cast a spell.

8.   Eternal Aura – provides +100 max health, hard resurrect.

I’ve used this build for Hard Mode areas with many physical attackers, solo farming for tomes/lockpicks/gold, and four-party-member areas. The build works better with bunched up enemies, as the adrenaline gain is increased. So far, energy management hasn’t been a problem, unless battles are drawn out of long stretches, or if Kinetic Armour has to be re-cast mid-battle. If you intend to use Kinetic Armour, as I have, be sure to re-cast Dust Cloak or Mystic Regeneration before those 8 seconds are up, otherwise you’ll quickly lose that +44 armour (re-casting Mental Block can help if the other two skills are still on cool-down).

Counters of this build can include: Groups with anti-melee; most casters; knock down skills; enchantment removal; powerful/spammy group healers.

Feel free to adapt the build however you like. Remember, it isn’t perfect, and this is something to perhaps inspire your own skill bar building.

Maybe next time I’ll post a different profession; Dervishes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

– Cornish


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