Lazy Writer!

Exclamatory statement announcing return!

Ok, I’ve been a completely inconsistent blogger as of late, and my drive for writing has been slack over the past few months. I have nothing to blame for this other than my utter lack of imagination or curiosity regarding Guild Wars 2 news and updates.

But, why is this? With all the amazing, insightful blog posts from ArenaNet and the seeming unending speculation/information on Guild Wars Guru/Twitter, how could I be turned off from Guild Wars 2 news?

I suppose it’s down to how passive my excitement for the game has become. I got onboard, joined the discussions and debates, and then put it all on the back-burner. Yet, I feel I should have continued to generate my own content, with this blog, instead of withdrawing back into my old habit of lurking on forums and blogs. That’s why I originally decided to create this space on the web; to bring myself out of the depths of forum dwelling and contribute to the community.

I must thank the other members of the community who’ve continued to post content and kept me interested in all things Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet. So, to the contributors and frequenters of Relics of Orr, Massively, [MVOP], GuildMag, Talk Tyria and GuildFans, and to my fellow bloggers: Ta very much! Give yourselves a good clap on the back.

More on the way, duders.

– Cornish

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Cornish is the owner of the "I Move Like a Dwarf!" blog. Here you will discover the musings and ravings of a long-time Guild Wars follower. *sponsored by Blogg the Flaming Asura; Bodmin the Dwarf; Norn pirate Captain Swash Blackbuckle and his wench, Rüth. View all posts by Cornish

2 responses to “Lazy Writer!

  • Distilled

    *clap on back* thanks!

    No worries about losing a bit of your verve, it’s been a bit of a dry spell. But people are predicting the Mesmer release for today (or at least something substantial!), so don’t lose track entirely!

    Consistently blogging can be tiring, you should try writing some guest posts for other blogs or asking other people to get involved and write some stuff for you. I haven’t had the internet for the past fortnight (moving house) so my blog has been pretty quiet, but I was recently approached by some people at Technected (a newly set up Technology blog) and one of the guys wrote an article for me. Kinda helped fill the gap whilst I was without the net.
    It was really nice to get a different writing style, and I’ve since offered to write an article for them. It’s kinda reinvigorated my motivation for writing.

    • CornishRocker

      Yeah, ANet did announce something’s to be revealed today. To finally get the mesmer would be fantastic!

      Yeah, I needed some motivation to keep blogging. I think I’ve found it, and I’ve also got something else in the works at the moment.

      I’ll post a preview of that in the near future.

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