Watch your tongue, little mouse.

I’ll be completely honest with you here, the Charr are my least favourite race of Guild Wars 2.

For the time being they are, that is – and opinion can be changed.

I certainly enjoyed the characters of Rytlock in Edge of Destiny and Pyre in Guild Wars, but currently, I prefer the other races to these cat-people. I realise that the Charr are among the more bombastic races of Guild Wars, yet my interest in them is not as high in regards to personal story (as a fan of RPGs, that’s part of Guild Wars 2 I’m really looking forward to) and society as the other races. Also, they’re responsible for destroying pre-searing Ascalon, and the blackened area that remains isn’t particularly the place I’d want to have my home instance, assuming the Black Citadel is where the Charr variant appears. The Grove, Rata Sum and Divinity’s Reach (and Lion’s Arch, naturally) are much more likely to become my cherished homes over the next few years.

Lots of gears... of war. Prepare for many chest-high walls in the Black Citadel.

Despite this, I don’t feel completely non-invested in the Charr. In fact, I’d love to see ArenaNet turn me around and make them the race I most want to play. They did it with the Norn, so they may certainly accomplish this with the Charr, aswell. Next week will play a part in this, I feel.

I’ve been looking forward to the Charr week from ArenaNet (almost as much as the Sylvari) for a while now. With said week starting tomorrow, I look forward to seeing much more detail on Charr personal story motivations, the Black Citadel, and especially some lore on the Charr homelands. As with the other races we’ve seen, the Charr will likely have some form of separatist faction within their ranks, such as the Sons of Svanir in Norn society. For the Charr, this will  likely be represented by the Flame Legion, and it’ll be intriguing to further see what role they’ll play in both the lore and gameplay of Guild Wars 2.

Prepare your balls of yarn, Ascalonians, the Charr legions await.

– Cornish

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8 responses to “Watch your tongue, little mouse.

  • bargamer

    There IS a separatist faction among the Charr. In Ghosts of Ascalon, General Soulkeeper mentions a peace faction among the Charr.

    • CornishRocker

      That’s true, yet I think by Guild Wars 2 (I believe GoA is set a year or two before the game), the Charr on the whole support the truce with the humans. I’m expecting the outlawed group to be the ones who oppose the armistice and want to either fight the rest of the Charr, or the humans. Not sure how they’d feel towards the other three races.

  • Distilled

    I thought you were just going to leave it at “prepare your balls!”

    I’m with you, I’m not looking at rolling a charr when the game hits the ground. But I was certainly swayed by Norn week – maybe charr week can do the same.

  • Nicholas Deathguard

    I have been constantly surprised with the depth they reveal, and my own ignorance, for each of the races. I’m not sure if they can sway me from my firm stand on being norn, but I am excited to see what sort of new perspectives and background they can help the charr bring to the table, instead of the seemingly simple, militaristic nation they have portrayed.

    Also, I wish Gears of War featured the charr instead. they belong in that playstyle lol.

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