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Watch your tongue, little mouse.

I’ll be completely honest with you here, the Charr are my least favourite race of Guild Wars 2.

For the time being they are, that is – and opinion can be changed.

I certainly enjoyed the characters of Rytlock in Edge of Destiny and Pyre in Guild Wars, but currently, I prefer the other races to these cat-people. I realise that the Charr are among the more bombastic races of Guild Wars, yet my interest in them is not as high in regards to personal story (as a fan of RPGs, that’s part of Guild Wars 2 I’m really looking forward to) and society as the other races. Also, they’re responsible for destroying pre-searing Ascalon, and the blackened area that remains isn’t particularly the place I’d want to have my home instance, assuming the Black Citadel is where the Charr variant appears. The Grove, Rata Sum and Divinity’s Reach (and Lion’s Arch, naturally) are much more likely to become my cherished homes over the next few years.

Lots of gears... of war. Prepare for many chest-high walls in the Black Citadel.

Despite this, I don’t feel completely non-invested in the Charr. In fact, I’d love to see ArenaNet turn me around and make them the race I most want to play. They did it with the Norn, so they may certainly accomplish this with the Charr, aswell. Next week will play a part in this, I feel.

I’ve been looking forward to the Charr week from ArenaNet (almost as much as the Sylvari) for a while now. With said week starting tomorrow, I look forward to seeing much more detail on Charr personal story motivations, the Black Citadel, and especially some lore on the Charr homelands. As with the other races we’ve seen, the Charr will likely have some form of separatist faction within their ranks, such as the Sons of Svanir in Norn society. For the Charr, this will  likely be represented by the Flame Legion, and it’ll be intriguing to further see what role they’ll play in both the lore and gameplay of Guild Wars 2.

Prepare your balls of yarn, Ascalonians, the Charr legions await.

– Cornish


Do Your Worst! April Fools in Guild Wars.

Don’t worry. My first blog post in around a month does happen to be on April Fools’ day, but rest assured, I have nothing prepared for your overly suspicious minds, today. No, leave that to the rest of the Guild Wars community.

I usually find the lead up to the April 1st to be a time of nervousness and back-checking in real life. The same can certainly be said of activity on the internet. Online communities unleash glorious batches of fake information, most of which I desperately try to bite back from believing.

The thought process for thinking up a Guild Wars prank?

Not for one second do I think I could be as creative in my Fools’ Day jesting. That isn’t to say I don’t want to try, but my ideas usually aren’t up to par with what other people have on offer. Again, I prefer to just sit back, and watch the ensuing trick-storm unfold. ArenaNet has contributed by revealing a new profession, over on their main site. I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty OP (and those videos! Just amazing). As for their annual Fools’ day event in Guild Wars, at the time of writing, I’m in Kamadan waiting for a surprise to unfold, but so far, no dice.

EDIT: I just received notice about a certain Corporal Bane in Embark Beach. Time to hit the beach to see what all the fuss is about!

EDIT 2: OK, this has to be the craziest thing to ever hit Guild Wars.

...A helicopter. In Guild Wars? ArenaNet have outdone themselves.

It also appears that Jeremy Soule is getting on board, too, with what appears to be a new composition for Guild Wars 2.

Enjoy the madness!

– Cornish