Community Event: Pi[e] Day!

Today is Shrove Tuesday in the United Kingdom, also known as pancake day. Such sweet delights await me this evening, and that got me thinking of the community event organised by Relics of Orr: Pi[e] Day!

This community event will take place on Sunday the 13th March at 8-10pm GMT (that’s 4-6pm EST) in the Rata Sum International Districts. The event will be covered on Split Infinity Radio by Relics’ own Tasha Darke, and Guild Wars 2 Live will be hosting a livestream.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

[08:00pm GMT] [04:00pm EDT] Commencement Ceremony, Tasha On-Air
[08:15pm GMT] [04:15pm EDT] Pi[e] Trivia Begins
[08:30pm GMT] [04:30pm EDT] Pie Raffle #1
[08:45pm GMT] [04:45pm EDT] Scavenger Hunt Begins (Item List Revealed)
[09:15pm GMT] [05:15pm EDT] Scavenger Hunt Ends
[09:20pm GMT] [05:20pm EDT] Pie Raffle #2
[09:30pm GMT] [05:30pm EDT] More Pi[e] Trivia
[09:45pm GMT] [05:45pm EDT] Forum Contest Winners Announced
[09:59pm GMT] [05:59pm EDT] Pi[e] Trivia Ends
[10:00pm GMT] [06:00pm EDT] Event Closing Announcement


If you’ve not been following the Relics forums lately, be sure to drop by this week and submit your own pie/pi trivia to be eligible for the raffle contest, here (Rules on the Pi[e] day forum page, here) Remember, all submissions must be made by March 12th.

To all those participating: Good luck, have Batman!

– Cornish


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Cornish is the owner of the "I Move Like a Dwarf!" blog. Here you will discover the musings and ravings of a long-time Guild Wars follower. *sponsored by Blogg the Flaming Asura; Bodmin the Dwarf; Norn pirate Captain Swash Blackbuckle and his wench, Rüth. View all posts by Cornish

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