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Having finished reading ArenaNet’s newest blogpost on the dialogue of Guild Wars 2, I’m even more excited by the prospect of wandering the home instance and streets of Divinity’s Reach. It appears that ArenaNet has aimed for a level of background dialogue somewhat synonymous with that of various sandbox and RPG games we’ve been subject to over the last few years. On a much larger scale, of course. It seems that this dialogue will feature heavily in gameplay, and I hope ArenaNet can pull the implementation off effectively. I’ve seen Cornish play a few games where he’s killed a boss, and in the next town there’s an NPC still moaning that “Bluebeard Bonesmasher” is raiding his brother’s farm again, despite the fact that old “Bluebeard” has been slain. That kind of inconsistency is devastating to immersion.

I like the level of detail going into the lore behind the dialogue, and the throwbacks to the first game (including air elementalists). There appears to be a fraction of humans losing faith in the six Gods, a concept somewhat unfamiliar with the current Guild Wars humans. It would be interesting to see how completely new players to Guild Wars react to the Gods, as the attachment felt towards them from the first game likely wouldn’t exist. I hope there will be a basis for new players to grow attached to, or even care, for the Gods, as they may play an integral part in the personal stories of human characters.

Kormir's there too. She's hanging around out of aggro range, leeching exp and loot drops.

I found the last sound clip interesting, with the soldier recalling how many centaurs he’d killed. This made me think back to the Guild Wars Guru IRC chat with the GW2 developers, in which they mentioned a combat log. I wonder if it’ll have a record of what your character has killed, akin to the soldier’s example in the sound clip. I’m imagining a system similar to the heroic accomplishments screen of the character record in Bioware’s Dragon Age.

Alas, no Jeremy Soule samples, this time. Maybe in a few months we’ll get something.

– Blogg, the Flaming Asura.


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