MVOP Night: Canthan New Year!

Massively Overpowered!

Last night, Massively Overpowered took a little break from the routine of mission progress, and started the livestream in Shing Jea Monastery for Canthan New Year. We didn’t hesitate in joining other revellers in the Dragon Nest minigame, at which certain members did brilliantly well, and others (i.e. me) performed terribly. I’ll agree I was a little rusty, what with not attending Canthan New Year since 2007. Anyway, after winning a few prizes, our small groups split up to take on a few CNY quests. We traversed Shing Jea Island gathering ingredients for fireworks, aswell as aiding Hapless Chong in finding his destiny.

Topics of discussion ranged from past Canthan New Years to the taste of Mountain Dew, more Guild Wars 2 speculation and even suggestions for a contest to tie in with our final Factions mission against Shiro. It seems viewers have also begun to pick up on my distinctly English accent amidst all those American varieties. Maybe I could use a little of my Geordie, or native South Western, dialect to keep the ventrilo lot on their toes!

Are you feelin' lucky?! Try out the Nine Rings on Canthan New Year!

After grabbing some festival rewards at Shing Jea, we then headed for our next mission: Unwaking Waters. This mission is one of my favourites in Factions, with the afflicted charging forward on foot and Kuunavang blasting players from afar.

Unfortunately, the recorded Livestream doesn’t seem to have been added to Massively TV, yet – but I’ll keep an eye on the channel. I bet Rubi’s been busy with Massively’s news, and preparing for the roundtable discussion with both Guildcast and Relics of Orr. Can’t wait for another joint podcast!

Edit: Oops! I overanticipated the roundtable episode of Guildcast this month; Relics didn’t participate, this time. I feel a little foolish for not realising this sooner. Listening to it right now at Guildcast.

Hope to see you next week at the Massively Livestream!



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