Happy Canthan New Year!


To all Canthans out there, Hishiro Kutzima wishes you good fortune for the year of the rabbit!

As a little proposal, does anyone want to go on a celebratory Factions vanquish? Maybe do a few hard mode missions? If so, then either leave a comment, message me in-game, or send me a tweet/email saying where you want to go and I’ll happily join you.

Aside from that, over this weekend we’ll be busy gathering lunar tokens, ingredients for the Celestial Rabbit’s meal and participating in yet another Boardwalk. Can you smell that seige turtle soup? How about the smoky remains of fireworks and sparklers? I’m getting excited already!

I also hear that Guild Wars Guru has a poetry competition lined up this year.

See you at Shing Jea Monastery with the GWOnline Alliance!

– CornishRocker


About Cornish

Cornish is the owner of the "I Move Like a Dwarf!" blog. Here you will discover the musings and ravings of a long-time Guild Wars follower. *sponsored by Blogg the Flaming Asura; Bodmin the Dwarf; Norn pirate Captain Swash Blackbuckle and his wench, Rüth. View all posts by Cornish

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