MVOP Night: Echovald Guardians!

Massively Overpowered!

What a great evening we had! After all our group members accumulated 10000 Kurzick faction points, we were ready to take on the Luxons and afflicted at the Eternal Grove. After meeting in House zu Heltzer, organising the groups and sorting out skill bars, we began the livestream. Moving through Drazach Thicket, we reached Saint Anjeka’s Shrine and then moved on to the main mission. Having experienced players with you for co-operative missions is fantastic, and it helps to have ventrilo/mumble, too!

Topics of discussion were, of course, mostly about the Guardian profession of Guild Wars 2, revealed yesterday on the official website. I reckon we’ll see a few Asuran Guardians in Guild Wars 2, actually, what with that wonderful specimen shown on the Guardian page. That new wallpaper is pretty cool, too.  Chat also turned to Guild Wars 2 Guru’s IRC chat with the ArenaNet staff (which I missed, instead watching Giant Bomb’s Thursday Night Throwdown – I highly recommend you check these out), and speculation covered underwater combat, Winds of Change, and the next profession reveal – I’m betting on the assassin revamp.


I swear to be more than just a mule in Guild Wars 2: Assassin's Promise.

Also, I agree, Rubi’s sound of disgust on the last GuildCast was priceless! I’ll have to send in a lot more emails to get that kind of reaction again, I’m sure!

Hmm, puréed Orrian undead, that must be the Guild Wars version of water pollution.

See you next week on the Massively Livestream!



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