Asuran Scan: Kodan and Ships in Guild Wars 2

*Scanning GW2 news*

What with being blessed by Blogg’s friends’ natural analytical abilities, I’ve decided to introduce my Guild Wars 2 speculation section; the Asuran Scan. In this section, I will share my musings on news about Guild Wars 2. Today, I will address the new race of bi-pedal polar bear spiritualists, the Kodan, aswell as ships in Guild Wars 2 gameplay. – Note: There will be a slight ‘Edge of Destiny’ spoiler.

Gullik: Bear's buttocks! Now there's a fight!

First of all, what do I think of the Kodan race? Well, put shortly, I was immediately captivated by them. Especially by the example above. I love that armour. It looks similar in design to some of the Asuran armour and Monument armour from Eye of the North, which include some of my favourite designs in GW1.

What I found particularly interesting, however, was where ArenaNet stated the Kodan live. The Sanctuaries – great, drifting iceberg fortresses – would be fantastic to visit, I’m sure. I can imagine visiting one of these fortresses, with the ursan guards patrolling the edges of icy cliffs, ferociously fending off monstrous creatures from the depths.

I’d like to know more on the structure of these Sanctuaries. It’d be cool to know whether they use magic, or another energy source, to move around the seas. If they move via natural currents, it would be interesting to see how often we can reach these icebergs. I hope we don’t have to swim to them every time.

Actually, I’d like to speculate that these icebergs move in real-time. If, indeed, the Kodan are found drifting in the middle of the ocean, swimming may not be a viable travel option. This is one reason I believe ArenaNet may introduce ships into gameplay. In particular, I’m excited about Norn vessels.

Could we see something similar to this in GW2?

As we know, the Norn draw influences from Viking culture. The Vikings were a seafaring people, who possessed great longships, which they used for raids and expansion. These are concepts that ArenaNet couldn’t use in Guild Wars 1, as, in the Far Shiverpeaks, the Norn are landlocked. However, with Guild Wars 2, they have expanded to Lion’s Arch, and now ArenaNet can develop the Norn into a seafaring race.

You can see where I’m going with this, right?

I reckon we’ll see some sort of oceanic navigation/exploration in GW2. Why would there be a battle at sea in ‘Edge of Destiny’ if there isn’t some kind of variant in the game? Was that just storytelling by J. Robert King? Or, was it a hint at future gameplay? It’s a shot in the dark, but I’m interested as to where ArenaNet takes the concept.

There could be some drawbacks with the persistent world when developing this, however. In an instance, we’d be able to have a single ship per player, yet in a persistent world, with so many players, the sea would be crowded with vessels. As an alternative, there could be a cyclical system of AI ships to jump aboard. Alas, I’m not knowledgeable on the technical side of game production, with programming and such, so I don’t know how difficult it would be to produce. I’m guessing it would be pretty challenging.

Even if these ravings are for nought, I’m still enamoured with the Norn pirates in ‘EoD’. I’d like to explore their stories in GW2, and maybe even have my own Norn join a new, reformed [YARR]. All of this seems rather lofty speculation, but then again, I am from Penzance, so maybe there’s some deep-seated fascination with piratical lore seeping through in my expectations of the game.

O! ye pirates of PZ! How doth I love thee?!

– CornishRocker


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