The Flaming Asura!: The Winners of Wintersday.

Blogg, the Flaming Asura

Greetings, bookah! My name is Blogg, the Flaming Asura, Asuran scribe and keen critic of tomes, tablets and tapestries. Recently, ArenaNet announced the winners and honourable mentions of the 2010 Wintersday Art Contest. Of course, I will discuss my own favourites from those revealed on the Guild Wars website.


#3 – Wintersday is a time of year that brings a festive, warm merriment. It is also, however, a time for grinding for Ebon Vanguard reputation points, wintersday gifts and candy cane shards. The activities should be fun, but they can easily lapse into daunting, repetitious tasks. Of course, the grind is entirely optional, yet it can really pile on the old holiday blues. I like to think this painting captures these elements and displays them in a bleak, despairingly frigid setting.


Ross G. - USA


I imagine that this particular fellow is stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of Miniature Polar Bear farming. Witness the air of weariness; the scythe slung over the shoulder as the wanderer searches fruitlessly for that unquestionably rare minipet.


# 2 – Wintersday isn’t all gloom and Dhuum, however. My No.2 spot is reserved for a much more light-hearted, cheerful painting. Wintersday is a time for giving and sharing, and of enjoying the company of others. Even if they are a member of the opposing Snowball Fight team.


Meghann B. - USA

It seems bookah Gods can be won over with simple affection. The sweetness of this exchange is delightful to behold. It seems Grenth isn’t as chilly as we had once thought.



# 1 – Over the years, the number of handmade dolls submitted to the contest has increased. These submissions have become extremely popular, and with good reason. My number one spot goes to Koreena Anchalis – ArenaNet’s 2nd place winner.


Koreena Anchalis - USA



What a wonderful collection of Guild Wars memorabilia! With the skill bar necklace and the summoning stone pendants, one would make easy work of mobs of monsters. Maybe we could record such victories in the Nightfall tome and Flameseeker Prophesies. Afterwards, we could celebrate with Gwen Chan and a fine bottle of Krytan brandy. Finally, what can I say about that magnificent golem? Koreena should certainly apply to the College of Synergetics in Guild Wars 2.


– Blogg, the Flaming Asura.


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