MVOP Night: Spearing Fried Calamari!



Massively Overpowered!

Last night Massively Overpowered moved on from the Echovald Forest and off towards the Jade Sea, the territory of the Luxon faction of Cantha. After splitting into two groups, we waited for a while to get ready to go. Unfortunately for group 1, both the vent server and the massively livestream weren’t operating properly. Luckily, however, replacements were found and group 1 got to record their mission. You can watch them on Necromas’s channel.


Get out the frying pan: Zhu Hanuku

As for group 2, we also set out from Altrumm Ruins to the Boreas Seabed. There, we fought the Luxon champions to gain access to the Spear of Archemorus, a mighty artifact to use in the fight against Shiro Tagachi. After a swift victory, we took the spear into the Jade Sea to draw out Zhu Hanuku, the giant, floating squid of The Deep. With fire raining and swords slashing, we defeated the magical crustacean and obtained the spear for the battle with Tagachi.

After regrouping in Maatu Keep, I decided to bow out before the group went on to the Sunjiang District mission. That’s the problem with living in England; by the time we started the first mission, it was almost 3am! Maybe I should get some sleep after getting home from work, before starting the mission.

Next week I should have a new mic. Then I’ll be fully eligible to join the livestreaming group. I don’t think they have many English guys in the Guild, so it could be a first to hear those “sultry tones” of the Brits on the livestream. I could be the Smiffy of MVOP.

– CornishRocker


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