PUGing for the Claw of Khan-Ur!

I’ve just finished ‘Ghosts of Ascalon’, and I must say that it was a fascinating read. What a great PUG the GoA team made, eh? No monk or nuker, and four warriors… dear me.

The unlucky buggers didn’t even get one ecto drop in Ascalon City. Arenanet must be decreasing drops rates for Guild Wars 2. 😛

Anyway, in all seriousness, I really enjoyed the book. The plot may have been a little slow around the middle, and at that point I really only cared about one of the characters, but as the plot progressed, the quirks of the protagonists grew on me. I loved the references to Guild Wars 1’s characters, and the lore was fleshed out and expanded upon well with the two hundred year shift in time. The brief touches of humour are also a delight. Especially the references to a particular sport involving bovines, and the suggestion that hero AI is still a nuisance.

As for technological developments, I’m still not sure if I like muskets in a Guild Wars setting, but I suppose the parallels with our own history are present. I know I’m going to eat my words when I roll and dual pistol wielding Norn in GW2, but for now I’m happy with bows, scythes and fireballs.

Regarding class reveals, I realise that there is more information awaiting in ‘Edge of Destiny’ -which is currently sitting on my desk, unread-, but the “potions master” or “alchemist” role was an exciting addition with Kranxx. Can’t go wrong with a skill bar full of rallying potions, if you know what I mean.

I imagine alchemy will be very useful in GW2, but what I don’t understand is why no-one in Tyria carries a Res Sig anymore. Poor –-Spoiler?

– CornishRocker


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