MVOP Night – Storming the Temple

Well, the MVOP mission was fun last night, despite the lag I was suffering. Our two groups set out to free the trapped Canthan spirits from Shiro’s rituals in Tahnnakai Temple, and in style might I add. After freeing Vizu from her bonds, and watching those infamous Factions cutscenes, we lined up for our fashion show. I’m glad my top hat went down well.

After I called it a night, the groups made their way for House zu Heltzer via the Arborstone mission.

Here’s the video of the livestream for your viewing pleasure.

P.S. As for the Sylvari design speculation I mentioned in chat – I would love for the Nightmare Court to resemble the Wardens from the Echovald Forest. I always liked the Warden designs, and maybe the leader could draw some influences from Urgoz.

Hmm, maybe they could be drinking buddies.

– CornishRocker


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