Blog? Is that some kind of Asuran name?

It seems that I have finally been drawn into the world of blogging. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about at first, be it novel reviews or how much I agree with BBC Radio Four’s intellectual monologues on exports of tea and whatnot. However, I have within recent months rediscovered a coveted gem of a hobby that I have visited on and off for the past four years. That hobby is the video game Guild Wars.

I was first introduced to Guild Wars by a friend in 2006, and I must say I was completely taken in by it. I have always enjoyed a good story, and the plot was as thoroughly engrossing as any of the fantasy novels I’ve consumed over the years. Yet, with study periods building with each progressive year, I found less and less time for playing Guild Wars. Eventually, I left my guild, stopped listening to Guildcast and let the multitudes of undownloaded files pile up when I left the game in 2008.

Occasionally logging in for the odd festival or two over the last couple of years, I started to notice a change to the Guild Wars community. Late last year, a huge swarm of gossip was circulating All Chat in the Eye of the North about Guild Wars 2. It was October 2010, and the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator was flavour of the month. Of course, I decided to take a look at the Arenanet website. For the first time in 2 years, the excitement that drove me through Cantha, Elona and GW:EN reignited as I read the news on Guild Wars 2. I will not leaving the first game again any time soon.

That same excitement has also led me to begin this blog. I don’t know, yet, where it will lead, but I at least have a medium to discuss Guild Wars away from the forums.

– CornishRocker


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Cornish is the owner of the "I Move Like a Dwarf!" blog. Here you will discover the musings and ravings of a long-time Guild Wars follower. *sponsored by Blogg the Flaming Asura; Bodmin the Dwarf; Norn pirate Captain Swash Blackbuckle and his wench, Rüth. View all posts by Cornish

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