PAX Footage

Right, here’re the videos I captured while at the Penny Arcade Expo in August. I’ve got some Black Citadel exploration, Norn elementalist gameplay, and Asura guardian footage captured during Neo Nugget’s tomfoolery with his Asura guardian and a few of the ArenaNet developers. I may include my PvP footage at a later date, but at present the file is corrupted, and I’m not sure if I can salvage it.



Apologies for the screen glare in these two. Guild Wars 2 Live has some more footage here if you’re interested in exploration of the Black Citadel.



Look who I found! Pyre Fierceshot confirmed!


Unfortunately, the battery on my camera died before I made my way up to the Imperator’s residence. I did manage to get a snapshot of one Pyre Fierceshot outside the throne room, however. There are several of these statues surrounding the throne room.




London Calling

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks I’ve had!

After arriving back in the UK, my University gave me the nasty shock of not confirming the course modules I applied for in August, along with my student finance and accommodation. I can tell you that the jet lag was completely knocked out the park after that particular email. Thankfully, after a week or so of correspondence, everything’s sorted and I can say I will definitely be moving to Essex at the end of the month. /whew

Before I make that jump, however, I’m taking one last chance to immerse myself in the world of gaming and geekdom by attending the Eurogamer Expo in London next week. This time around, I intend to take more time playing games, too; those ArenaNet panels at PAX were amazing and insightful, but queuing for them took up a lot of time. Also, much appreciation to the organisers of Eurogamer, the timing is fantastic. It’s not every year that you get to attend a convention on your birthday!

In regards to my time in Seattle, I’ve taken the decision to hold on to most of my footage and pictures of PAX over the last few weeks. Instead of uploading them gradually since my return to the UK, as I rightfully should have done, I’ll instead be posting content from both conventions once I’m back from Eurogamer. That way, I can pool all the footage I’ve taken into one, big, convenient blog post of embedded video clips. Of course a more personal account of my time in the US and London will follow.

Look for more posts from me this week, I have a lot to catch up on. I hear GuildMag is accepting submissions for another blog carnival. Think I’d better get started on that!

– Cornish

PAX Approaches!

Earlier this week, I landed in the US to have a last break from work and study before I knuckle down to University in October. Part of my tour of the West coast will include a visit to Seattle and the Penny Arcade Expo in the last week of August. I’ve started arranging my timetable for the expo since the panel schedule went live today. Hopefully I’ll find some time to get my hands on the games being shown across the expo between all those talks! (Stoked for the Giant Bomb, Tested, Guild Wars 2 and Yogscast panels!)

Of course, one of the main reasons I’ve chosen to go to PAX is to play Guild Wars 2. What I haven’t decided yet are which races and professions I’d like to play most. So much choice is sometimes a bad thing, y’know!

Since ArenaNet announced all five races as playable in the Gamescom and PAX demos, I’ve been hit by an indecisiveness that just won’t budge. Naturally, I’d love to try all the combinations available, but that isn’t exactly an option available to any attendee. With PvP and a new Orrian undead section available, too, there are even more options to consider.

So, instead of plucking random combinations from a hat, I’d like you, my readers, to pick for me. Just leave a comment, twitter message or email telling me which race, profession and scenario (low/mid level PvE and/or PvP) you’d like to see and I’ll play/record the requests with the highest “votes”.

I’ll definitely write-up my experiences here on the blog, and include snapshots or video clips where I can. If I’m able to meet up with some fellow bloggers/guildmates attending the expo, I’ll try to record their playtime, too!

– Cornish

Underwater Exploration and my Piratical Dream

What is there not to like about underwater exploration in Guild Wars 2? What have ArenaNet got on offer?

Beautiful vistas and wildlife aplenty? – Yep, that’s there.

A separate skill bar with underwater exclusive weaponry? – Got that, too.

Movement and skills utilising the z-axis? – You bet!

Un-treacle-like water? – Fantastic!

No breath bar? – Thank The Six for that!

The chance of ship travel making it into the game? – Ah, well… that’s starting to look a little less likely.

I still feel a pang of hope and excitement when I re-read the oceanic battle in Edge of Destiny, and wonder how the developers could implement something similar into the game. Well, after going over the coverage of underwater combat from the various fan day re-caps and press demonstrations, I’m feeling less inclined to believe galleons and warships will actually be operable, or even accessible, in the Guild Wars 2.

With such an immersive, second-worldly aspect included in the Tyrian landscape, the prospect of jumping aboard the Cormorant to traverse the Sea of Sorrows and do battle with Zhaitan may indeed be wishful thinking on my part. Instead, we may end up swimming our way to Orr, despite how risky and ill-conceived that sounds.

"It's either us or the Krait, matey. How's your breast stroke?"

My theory from several months back now feels so much more far-fetched. Why would ArenaNet put the system of ship travel into Guild Wars 2 when they already have this completely adequate and simple method of travel? Well, I’ll go ahead and suggest that I possibly raised my hopes a little high, and perhaps blame Mr. King for feeding that one particular theory.

I’m not going to jump the cannon and take back all I suggested, however. I’ll look out for Magnus in Lion’s Arch when I visit the city in August – see what information I can wring out of him.

– Cornish

An Air Attunement! I’m on radio!

I recently took part in a Guild Meeting interview with Tasha Darke of SI Radio and Relics of Orr. Here’s the audio for you take a listen to if you missed the live broadcast. I won’t go all self-conscious and list how much I got mucking fuddled, no matter if I want to!


Guild Meeting Interview


Many thanks to Tasha and SI Radio!

– Cornish

P.S. The Massively Overpowered livestreams are on hiatus until September; Rubi’s got a lot on this summer.

Returning to the Dervish

It’s been almost four months now since the Dervish update implementation in Guild Wars. Having looked back over the (short) history of my blog, I’ve happened to notice that my original Dervish update post is one of the most popular pages I’ve made, be that through searches on google or browsing on the blog. Having played around with the Dervish a little more since February, I’ve made other builds I find fun and/or useful, so I thought I’d share them with anyone interested.

This time, I’ll show you what I’m currently using as a PvE anti-melee/physical tanking setup. This build is most useful against small-medium size mobs of Warriors, Rangers, Assassins, Dervishes and Paragons when solo farming or in a small group. Please note: this isn’t a high damage output build, it is used to tank physical damaging mobs.

Profession: Dervish/Elementalist

Template Code: OgakkYp46yqU21zl4G7l7VcppQPI

Attributes: 6 Earth Magic, 11 Scythe Mastery, 13 Earth Prayers, 12 Mysticism

Equipment I use:

Complete maximum armour set of:

Survivor Hood of Major Earth Prayers + 1 Mysticism (stacking)

Radiant Robes of Attunement

Windwalker Vambraces of Superior Scythe Mastery

Survivor Leggings of Superior Vigor

Windwalker Shoes of Minor Mysticism

Droknar’s Scythe (alternatives are available)


1.    Dust Cloak – applies blindness condition on tear down. Can be used to re-cast Kinetic Armour.

2.   Twin Moon Sweep – tears down Dust Cloak, damages and gives a healing bonus. (sometimes I switch this for Rending Sweep if I need more damage output/enchantment removal)

3.   Heart of Fury – increases attack speed and adrenaline gain.

4.   Mystic Regeneration – maintaining your enchantments will provide +8 health regeneration. Can be used to re-cast Kinetic Armour.

5.   Avatar of Balthazar – increases physical armour, adrenaline gain and sets adjacent foes on fire when tearing down Dust Cloak.

6.   Mental Block – provides 50% chance to block attacks, auto-renewal when you’re hit. Can be used to re-cast Kinetic Armour.

7.   Kinetic Armour – provides +44 armour, auto-renewal when you cast a spell.

8.   Eternal Aura – provides +100 max health, hard resurrect.

I’ve used this build for Hard Mode areas with many physical attackers, solo farming for tomes/lockpicks/gold, and four-party-member areas. The build works better with bunched up enemies, as the adrenaline gain is increased. So far, energy management hasn’t been a problem, unless battles are drawn out of long stretches, or if Kinetic Armour has to be re-cast mid-battle. If you intend to use Kinetic Armour, as I have, be sure to re-cast Dust Cloak or Mystic Regeneration before those 8 seconds are up, otherwise you’ll quickly lose that +44 armour (re-casting Mental Block can help if the other two skills are still on cool-down).

Counters of this build can include: Groups with anti-melee; most casters; knock down skills; enchantment removal; powerful/spammy group healers.

Feel free to adapt the build however you like. Remember, it isn’t perfect, and this is something to perhaps inspire your own skill bar building.

Maybe next time I’ll post a different profession; Dervishes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

– Cornish


The seventh profession of Guild Wars 2 is revealed! The Engineer!

"Thief's sappin' mah turret!"

At first glance, this class looks like it’s straight out of a steampunk dream. With rifles, turrets, bombs and pistols, the Engineer wouldn’t look out of place in Fable or Bioshock.

What I find interesting about the Engineer is the variety of crowd control options they possess. In the official videos, we see the glue shot, a net trap, and various alchemical snares to slow down, stun or immobilise enemies. One of my favourite aspects of MMOs and RPGs is crowd control, especially in PvP and multiplayer. This class seems proficient in snaring targets into vulnerable positions and then dealing out some nasty damage. I think it’ll be my choice for WvWvW and/or structured PvP. It couldn’t have worked out better, really; as I was hoping for an alchemist-like class for my PvP Charr character, and that particular wish has been fulfilled.

Of course, I’d love to know the lore details behind the Engineer. With the advancements in technology, Tyria has developed a new class of adventurer, and I’m interested in which races are responsible for each new innovation. My guess is that the majority has come from Asuran and Charr experimentation, but that remains to be seen.

We also got a look at some new Charr designs – all fiery and menacing. These cats must be part of the Flame Legion.

Badass hell-cats. Oh, yeah!

Can’t wait to try this profession out, too!

– Cornish

Lazy Writer!

Exclamatory statement announcing return!

Ok, I’ve been a completely inconsistent blogger as of late, and my drive for writing has been slack over the past few months. I have nothing to blame for this other than my utter lack of imagination or curiosity regarding Guild Wars 2 news and updates.

But, why is this? With all the amazing, insightful blog posts from ArenaNet and the seeming unending speculation/information on Guild Wars Guru/Twitter, how could I be turned off from Guild Wars 2 news?

I suppose it’s down to how passive my excitement for the game has become. I got onboard, joined the discussions and debates, and then put it all on the back-burner. Yet, I feel I should have continued to generate my own content, with this blog, instead of withdrawing back into my old habit of lurking on forums and blogs. That’s why I originally decided to create this space on the web; to bring myself out of the depths of forum dwelling and contribute to the community.

I must thank the other members of the community who’ve continued to post content and kept me interested in all things Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet. So, to the contributors and frequenters of Relics of Orr, Massively, [MVOP], GuildMag, Talk Tyria and GuildFans, and to my fellow bloggers: Ta very much! Give yourselves a good clap on the back.

More on the way, duders.

– Cornish

Watch your tongue, little mouse.

I’ll be completely honest with you here, the Charr are my least favourite race of Guild Wars 2.

For the time being they are, that is – and opinion can be changed.

I certainly enjoyed the characters of Rytlock in Edge of Destiny and Pyre in Guild Wars, but currently, I prefer the other races to these cat-people. I realise that the Charr are among the more bombastic races of Guild Wars, yet my interest in them is not as high in regards to personal story (as a fan of RPGs, that’s part of Guild Wars 2 I’m really looking forward to) and society as the other races. Also, they’re responsible for destroying pre-searing Ascalon, and the blackened area that remains isn’t particularly the place I’d want to have my home instance, assuming the Black Citadel is where the Charr variant appears. The Grove, Rata Sum and Divinity’s Reach (and Lion’s Arch, naturally) are much more likely to become my cherished homes over the next few years.

Lots of gears... of war. Prepare for many chest-high walls in the Black Citadel.

Despite this, I don’t feel completely non-invested in the Charr. In fact, I’d love to see ArenaNet turn me around and make them the race I most want to play. They did it with the Norn, so they may certainly accomplish this with the Charr, aswell. Next week will play a part in this, I feel.

I’ve been looking forward to the Charr week from ArenaNet (almost as much as the Sylvari) for a while now. With said week starting tomorrow, I look forward to seeing much more detail on Charr personal story motivations, the Black Citadel, and especially some lore on the Charr homelands. As with the other races we’ve seen, the Charr will likely have some form of separatist faction within their ranks, such as the Sons of Svanir in Norn society. For the Charr, this will  likely be represented by the Flame Legion, and it’ll be intriguing to further see what role they’ll play in both the lore and gameplay of Guild Wars 2.

Prepare your balls of yarn, Ascalonians, the Charr legions await.

– Cornish

Do Your Worst! April Fools in Guild Wars.

Don’t worry. My first blog post in around a month does happen to be on April Fools’ day, but rest assured, I have nothing prepared for your overly suspicious minds, today. No, leave that to the rest of the Guild Wars community.

I usually find the lead up to the April 1st to be a time of nervousness and back-checking in real life. The same can certainly be said of activity on the internet. Online communities unleash glorious batches of fake information, most of which I desperately try to bite back from believing.

The thought process for thinking up a Guild Wars prank?

Not for one second do I think I could be as creative in my Fools’ Day jesting. That isn’t to say I don’t want to try, but my ideas usually aren’t up to par with what other people have on offer. Again, I prefer to just sit back, and watch the ensuing trick-storm unfold. ArenaNet has contributed by revealing a new profession, over on their main site. I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty OP (and those videos! Just amazing). As for their annual Fools’ day event in Guild Wars, at the time of writing, I’m in Kamadan waiting for a surprise to unfold, but so far, no dice.

EDIT: I just received notice about a certain Corporal Bane in Embark Beach. Time to hit the beach to see what all the fuss is about!

EDIT 2: OK, this has to be the craziest thing to ever hit Guild Wars.

...A helicopter. In Guild Wars? ArenaNet have outdone themselves.

It also appears that Jeremy Soule is getting on board, too, with what appears to be a new composition for Guild Wars 2.

Enjoy the madness!

– Cornish